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We have been blessed to be able to work with the most wonderful farmers @oakcliffcultivators!! Please check them out for everything CBD and CBG! Award winning CBD that is outstanding to cook with! We have been using Tokyo Joe for our first production of chocolate bars and it just works perfectly! It not only contains CBD but also large amounts of CBDA!


My name is Gianpaolo Fiorino, Founder of Fiorino Fine Foods! Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, I’ve always had a passion for food. I’ve been working in the culinary and hospitality industry ever since I was 15. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling and learning from many great chefs that molded me into the person I am today. From dish washing, to opening acclaimed restaurants, and even being on TV, my experiences have driven me to start Fiorino Fine Foods.

Fiorino Fine Foods was started to Create CBD confections such as chocolate bars, ice cream, molding chocolates. Our Products are proudly made with Texas grown hemp! We believe in supporting our farmers as much as possible so that our catalog can grow and flourish.

Based in austin, texas

Fiorino Fine Foods was established in 2021 during the pandemic in an optimistic manner with the idea that our products can bring more joy into the world!

est. 2021

Whether you’re a chef, teacher, mom, dad, astronaut, or lawyer! You get the idea! We wanted to come up with products that not only taste great, but also have the relaxing benefits of CBD. We like to say that “our chocolate bars make you twice the happy.”  Not only do you get to enjoy beautifully crafted sweets, but you also get all the amazing benefits of Texas grown CBD! Now sit back and relax while you enjoy a Fiorino Fine Foods Chocolate bar.

Life can get stressful.